Vision & Future is an event and trade show organized by Posterus-Event, representing and promoting Industries and designers within Aerospace, automotive and architecture. Posterus-Event, Posterus360 and Posterus-Marketing team has over the 20 years of experience in Luxury VIP events at top locations such as Monaco, Cannes, Belgium, The Netherlands, the USA, etc. Expertise in trade fairs, Marketing and digital marketing.


With Vision & Future we bring the extraordinary ideas, designs and engineering to a high society and a big international public, this at prestigious places like Monaco, Dubai, Cannes, Belgium, The Netherlands, the USA etc. Thanks to Posterus 360 we offer as well the opportunity to see the designs before they are even constructed. With Posterus 360 and Vision And Future, the sky's the limit. Vision & Future will have 3 halls, ground floor, Moon and Mars at Posterus 360 available to exhibit car design, architecture, interior design, airplane design and aerospace. All this at a 7-day event, launching with a private VIP opening gala, luxury haute cuisine -dinner, live music performances, exclusive drinks, VIP Guests, shuttle service and much more. All promoted and accessible by millions of visitors around the world. More about posterus360 can as well be found at or in our newspaper The Posterus Times.


All of Posterus-Event participants and collaborators will present their new future designs and technologies to a high class audience and industrial market. Participants and exhibitors will have access to their own booth to present their company, label-brand, design and technologies as well. Industries and designers have the opportunity to be published in our own newspaper The Posterus Times as well at our own magazine Posterus Magazine.


During the official launch of Posterus 360 and Vision & Future, the physical edition of Posterus-Magazine will be present, including articles of yacht design, aerospace, architecture, automotive design as well as collaborators, partners and sponsors. Separated to our own magazine, all our exhibitors, participants, sponsors and partners gain maximum exposure through our network. All this combined with top partner magazines, press, social media,

mailing newsletters and press releases.







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